Verizon and Delphi Vehicle Diagnostics Appify Your Car And Driving

Connectivity is the buzz word this year at CES. Here are two completely different products with one thing very much in common, connectivity. The Samsung Galaxy Camera, Verizon’s first connected camera on their 4G LTE network, where one can wirelessly upload pictures. Taking this idea a step further is Vehicle Diagnositcs by Delphi, that uses Verizon’s wireless network to connect to your car. It fits just inside your vehicle’s diagnostic system and interacts though a downloadable app that has customizable alerts. So say, that mysterious engine light turns on, check your app and you will have a head start on the problem before going to the mechanic. This is yet another arena putting information in to the hands of the consumer.

Or use it as a nanny to your teens who are driving by setting up fences around locations, and recieve alerts when a driver leaves they fenced in area. Or get an email when Sally Safety forgets the speed limit and hits a specified mph for over 5 seconds. Families who want to stay aware of their children’s driving behaviors can set up “fences” around different locations and get alerts when a driver leaves the fenced area. Parents can also set up other alerts such as getting an email when a driver goes over 75 mph for five seconds or longer. Other uses included designating your smartphone as a key entry for when you lose your keys, or figuring out where you parked in a mall parking lot. Keep an eye on Verizon for more info..

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