Vizio Announces AMD Powered Windows 8 Tablet

Not too long ago, Vizio announced their entrance into the PC Market. Now only a number of months later here at CES, they’re showing off their fully capable 1080P 11.6″ Windows 8 tablet, powered by AMD’s brand new mobile processor, the Z60 “Hondo”. What’s nifty about the Vizio Tablet PC is it’s one of the first to not use an Intel Atom processor. Unlike tablets you may be used to, the Vizio Tablet PC will be providing a full Windows 8 experience, not a watered down mobile experience (like RT). AMD and Vizio actually teamed up and announced four devices here at CES, and we can expect more to follow. The Vizio Tablet PC will have pretty standard specs with the exception of AMD’s Z60 Hondo dual-core processor. It’s full 1080P resolution (which is nice!) with 2GB of RAM, 64GB of storage, a front camera, mini HDMI, micro USB, and nice form factor. It will weigh about a pound and a half and it’s got a really nice soft touch finish. While other details on Vizio’s AMD powered Windows 8 Tablet PC are sparce, there’s a couple things we can expect from Vizio. Firstly, they vow against bloatware, which is amazing. This means, the Tablet PC will stick to the bare minimum in terms of extra applications packaged (no bloatware!). It will be packed with Microsoft’s “Signature” edition of Windows. Secondly, we can probably expect the Vizio Tablet PC to be priced very competitively, just like the rest of Vizio’s product line up. We’re really curious to see how the AMD dual-core processor handles itself up against an Intel Atom core; we’re expecting performance boosts, but need to see it to believe it. Pricing and availability will soon be available; we can expect the Vizio Tablet PC to be available sometime this quarter.

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