Withings’ Smart Activity Tracker Keeps a Pulse on You

First in the torrent to come of activity trackers is the Withings’ Smart Activity Tracker that contributes its own uniqueness to the market, that of pulse measurements in contrast with activity, or even quality of sleep. In synching with it’s companion App, Withing’s Health Mate, it collects and stores in real time your information. In case users don’t find the looming threat of sudden cardiac arrest threatening enough, they can set up alerts to be sent to their smartphone to nag them, or, um… remind them to get themselves off the couch an into some heart training activity.

Coming in at about the size of a memory stick, it won’t be a bother to carry along on physical activity. The touch screen makes for easy navigation, and the back side features the pallete for a finger’s pulse to be taken. No more touching that nasty bar at the gym! With two weeks of battery life and a micro-USB charger, this things can keep going and going. All this info is collected and disseminated into three main health categories: Sleep, Heart, and Activity. This information can then be shared with whomever you choose, be it your Doc, buddies, support group, or a social network. Compatible with Android and iOS devices. See Withings for more information.


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