Yes, Even Tim Tebow Has Signature Headphones Out Now

It’s going to be hard to contain the snark on this one, but here goes. Tim Tebow hit up CES to debut his limited edition headphone signature series with SOUL Electronics, the SL300, and his new line of athletic headphones Combat+. Tebow even handpicked blue and white as the colors for his signature series. After all, music can help an athlete “get in the game,” and he listens to music so logically, he would get into headphones. Ooops there’s the snark. Oh well, I held off for a bit. They go on to describe the exterior as “a sleek monocoque design with no exposed hinges, giving the headphones the look and feel of a futuristic racing car.” Well, I probably would’ve gone with the likeness of a football helmet or the lines of a football jersey, or anything football related, but sure racing car, why not? The SOUL badge on the ear cups illuminate to remind one that you do in fact have a soul.

Noise quality includes noise cancellation for an immerssive environment, an this tech hails from a military engineer who holds the patent on it that supposedly is unmatched, leaving one with the crisp, smoothness of your music. If you run out of battery these are the only headphones on the market that can continue to work in passive mode. Advanced drivers are something we can certainly rely through soul, the sound is always phenomenal. Headphones can be folded, and tangle free audio cable, and Apple in-line controller come with the pack. Available now through SOUL for $299.95