8 Reasons Why I’ll Never Watch Downton Abbey

Downton Abbey aired its Season 3 finale on Sunday. Woohooo…. So begins the water cooler talk about the shocking plot twist etc. Most people will be busy breaking down every word Maggie Smith said, and I’ll also be prompted as to whether I have watched the show, and be told about how much I’m missing out.

Well folks, I don’t want to watch Downton Abbey, so stop asking me! And here are 8 reasons why.

1. Because Everyone Else is Watching It.

And if I really cared, I can just ask someone to give me a recap.

2. Maggie Smith is Overrated.

She has decades of acting experience and that’s why she is “sooo good” in the show. Besides, I liked her better in Sister Act.

3. Stuffy Old Rich People.

Photo Credit: Business Insider

I can always go to the Upper West Side in NYC for that.

4. Tired of being told ” I have to see it!” No I dont!

 5. Because Who Watches PBS!? – Unless Elmo is On.

Photo Credit: Fanpop

6. I Would Rather Watch Revenge.

Photo Credit: NewNowNext

I mean, come on! Isn’t the cast of Revenge a whole lot better looking?!


7. I Always Think Elizabeth McGovern is Sherilyn Fenn, and Vice Versa.

Photo Credit: Telegraph and IMDB

8. Ever since the X-files, I Have had Commitment Issues to Any New TV Show.

Photo Credit: SciFi Now UK

So there are my 8 rants / reasons, for why I’m not watching Downton Abbey. Now who is with me?

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