A-Team Toy Van Gets an Audio Makeover

If there’s one thing BoomCase is good at, it’s rekindling love of ’80s television, which is great, because the ’80s were an absolute golden age for the small screen.

They do that by turning old merch into new merch by jamming in some serious audio equipment. It was awesome when they did it with Alf, but maybe you want to remember a show that had a less soul-crushing ending. Maybe you have a problem. Maybe no one else can help. I think you know who you can hire, and they aren’t that hard to find.

An old toy A-Team van has been outfitted with an almost obscene amount of audio equipment, for its size – there’s a 50 watt amp, two mini woofers, and a silk dome tweeter and full-range speaker on both sides of the van. And, in keeping with previous BoomCase products, you’ll get some bonus toys coming along for the ride – figurines of Hannibal Smith, Howling Mad Murdock, Faceman Peck, and B.A. Baracus. With them and the van, it’ll be an absolute crime if the first song you play using this thing isn’t the best TV intro theme of all time, with apologies to Knight Rider.

The vans are all custom-made upon order, and cost $695 each. For $40 extra, you can add flashing lights. More importantly, for $35, you can add Bluetooth, so you can actually play with the van while the music’s going. Just maybe don’t play the intro while you’re doing that, or an incident involving a makeshift cereal box ramp and $695 worth of wrecked toy and audio equipment is probably going to take place.

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