Make Like a DJ on the Cheap with the Jakks Pacific EZ Pro DJ

Remember when you needed thousands of dollars worth of DJ equipment to make your own mixes? Now, you don’t even need fancy software (or simple software and a good amount of know-how). Now, all you need is the JAKKS Pacific EZ Pro DJ and a smartphone or tablet.

The EZ is there for a reason – once you hook up your mobile device, the on-board software pretty much does the rest. Just bring up your music on your mobile device, and you can have the software blend and match beats for you. With the touch of one or a few buttons, you can create loops and sample your own tracks, too. From there, you can press buttons to add in beats and effect like scratching and crossfade. It’s simple, so you can even do it and add enough flair to your movements to make it look like you’re doing a real DJ thing.

You can hook the EZ Pro DJ up to external speakers or headphones (the latter is a must – have to get the image right). You can also use the separately sold EZ Pro DJ FX Microphone to record your own voice , then load on so many effects that by the time you’re done, you’ll sound just like a real pop star!

The EZ Pro DJ will be sold in stores for about $50. You can get the microphone separately for another $20.

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