AMD Turbo Dock Boosts Hybrid PC Performance

If you have a hybrid PC, you’re going to be switching from tablet mode to laptop mode and back a lot. Might as well have a processor that does the same.

The AMD Turbo Dock is kind of a misleading name – it’s not a dock you’ll be buying separately for a device you already own. Instead, the dock in the title refers to this technology being built in to the keyboard dock part of hybrid PCs that will come to market later this year. Turbo Dock technology will be found in future hybrid PCs based on AMD’s system-on-chip (now called Temash), combined with AMD Radeon graphics. The CPU and GPU are combined in that one unit, which AMD calls their accelerated processing unit (APU).

So, what does the Turbo Dock actually do? Basically, it supplies more power to the processor when the device is docked and in laptop mode, boosting performance by up to 40 percent. When a device with Turbo Dock technology is docked, it will be capable of 1080p playback, HDMI output, and heightened performance for games that uses DirectX 11 – generally things that concern laptop use, and not so much tablet use. In tablet mode, less power will be supplied, because tablet tasks tend to be less intensive. Stepping down the amount of power supplied should extend battery life, which is a much more important concern when in tablet mode. The new processing unit will also supply faster boot-up, wake-up, and load times, similar to what the newest Intel chipsets do.

The Turbo Dock technology was demonstrated this week at Mobile World Congress, but we’re not sure which devices will actually be running on AMD’s new chipsets with the Turbo Dock just yet.

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