Hide Your Pigs – Angry Birds Cartoon Coming March 16th

No one ever talks, but that hasn’t stopped those little Angry Birds animated shorts from being entertaining and occasionally heartwarming. But, can that really be successfully extended into a weekly show?

We’ll soon see how far Rovio can get with facial expressions, slapstick humor, and egg stealing – Angry Birds Toons is coming next month. The misadventures on Piggy Island will become a weekly animated series, which you’ll be able to watch on Rovio’s website. Something tells me we’ll soon see whether or not it’s possible too have too much Angry Birds.

While most people will be watching the new cartoon online, Rovio did manage to secure one television deal – when the show starts airing online, it’ll also be shown as a regular weekly show on a channel in Ukraine. The demand for Angry Birds truly is global. And possibly insatiable.

Keep an eye on Rovio’s website – the first episode is schedule to arrive on March 16.

Via The Hollywood Reporter

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