AREngine Chip Promises All Day Augmented Reality on Smartphones

Metaio has been a company known for augmented reality software solutions, but the company has just unveiled a brand new chipset that could find its way into smartphones as soon as this year.

The Metaio AREngine chipset is a separate and much more powerful processing unit dedicated to augmented reality software. It’s a significant step, because this is ultimately what could take augmented reality from being a gimmick to something that is widely expected and used in future mobile devices. The chipset will allow augmented reality app developers to create features on a much larger scale, while dramatically reducing the power consumption involved. That means you’d be able to use augmented reality on your phone all day, as a basic feature.

Where that gets interesting is with things like Google’s Project Glass – wearable tech that, with always-on augmented reality, would be a genuine, real-life heads-up display, instantly providing you with information about the buildings (and maybe someday people) around you. It’s still a tough sell for mobile devices – holding up your phone or tablet and using it as a window to view the world isn’t quite what I’d call intuitive – but if wearable tech takes off soon, things like the AREngine chipset will be a big reason for that.



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