Tote Your Precious iPhone 5 in a Mini Attache Case

Alright, you care about your iPhone 5 a lot. You know, until you replace it with the iPhone 5s or 6 or whatever comes out this year, because you’re the King Henry VIII of the consumer electronics world. But that’s far in the future! Whole months! Until then, you need to treat your iPhone 5 like royalty.

You need the Attache.

Absolutely guaranteed to make you the most important-looking person in the room, this mini attaché will make it look like you’re hauling off stacks of quarters to finance a skee ball fixing operation. But no, you’ll impress everyone by pulling out your iPhone 5, instantly putting the other three or four iPhone 5 owners in the room to shame. One thing’s for sure, no one in the room will think it’s a clown prop. The laughter you’ll hear will be directed at the people who don’t protect their phones with the Attache.

You’ll even be able to store your charging cables in there, but that’s obviously the wrong move – you’ll need to hide a gold light underneath the padding to really complete the image.

Becoming an international man/woman of smartphone mystery comes with a price tag of ¥3,480. That’s about $37, but you didn’t need to know that, because you’re probably rolling in stacks of all the world’s currencies anyway.

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  1. That’s a very cute little attache case. Now I just need to find a similar, slightly bigger one for my iPad.

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