Avicii’s Next Hit Could Be A Crowsourced Song

Crowdsource your next hit song? If it sounds good, why not? That’s what Avicii just did, and the results sound pretty impressive.

Back on January 9th, Avicii invited everyone around the world to send in their own melodies, basslines, beats, rhythms, breaks, and effects, so over the course of one and a half months, he could stitch together a Frankenstein’s monster of a song. The song, released today, is anything but hideous, showcasing Avicii’s talents as a producer, as well as the individual talents of the winning entrants. The song is called X You, and is probably one of the most truly global music collaborations ever – taking a melody from Sweden, a bassline from France, a beat from England, a break from the Ukraine, and effects from three other artists. The individual winners in each category were chosen as weekly semifinalists by Avicii, with the winner emerging through popular vote on the Avicii X You website. A total of 4,199 people submitted work to the Avicii x You project, from all around the world.

With the help of Ericsson, Avicii debuted X You at Mobile World Congress on the 26th, the official end date of the contest. The results sound like success, which means it sounds like we’ll be hearing a lot more of this kind of global, crowdsourced music in the future. Who knows, you might be hearing your work on a hit single someday soon. Here’s hoping you get a little coin for your troubles, too.

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