Barbie Puts Malibu Dreamhouse On the Market for 25 Million!

We could have probably surmised that Barbie is obscenely rich, but if we hadn’t already figured out, that $25 million price tag should eliminate all doubt.

Like anyone, Barbie has gotten antsy staying in one place for too long. She’s moving out of her Malibu Dreamhouse, even though she doesn’t have a new place lined up, which is kind of a gutsy move if you ask me. There’s an actual listing for the Dreamhouse on Trulia, a luxury real estate site, and it’s being marketed by Josh Altman, an actual realtor who actually sells real rich people homes. Barbie’s address is unlisted on the posting, which might be problematic when trying to sell, but I’m sure she’ll figure something out. I hear Rainbow Brite is in the market.

Fortunately, the pink palace is being made available to everyone, and for a price much lower than $25 million. Mega Bloks is releasing their own version of the three-story, eight-room mansion, complete with pulley-controlled elevator, because no one with a $25 million home is going to be walking up two flights of stairs. There are plenty more Barbie Mega Bloks sets available here, which fill out the mansion by adding things like poolside activities and, critically, an ice cream stand.

The Dreamhouse is getting real, too. Two of them are being built – in Florida and Berlin, Germany – to offer the Dreamhouse Experience, which will be a little like a Barbie theme park. The Experience will be based on the Dreamhouse, and will allow kids across the world to actually step inside a faithful recreation of Barbie’s now-former abode. If you want to get a really good idea of what that looks like, you can check out Barbie: Life in the Dreamhouse, an animated web series made to resemble a reality show, which is now entering its third season. Royal Caribbean cruises are also getting in on the act, offering the Barbie Premium Experience on some of their liners. Kids who get to live the Premium Experience will stay in Barbie-themed rooms. Also, tea parties. If you’re planning on going on a cruise anytime soon, and you have daughters, you might just want to accept having to pay the extra money now.

As for Barbie, she’ll be touring the world, looking at potential new places to call home. Wherever she ends up, I’m banking on beachside again.

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