Alicia Keys is Ready to Set The World On Fire with Her BlackBerry

Looks like BlackBerry will be one of Alicia Keys’ opening acts on her upcoming Set the World on Fire Tour.

Keys, whom BlackBerry declared their Global Creative Director not too long ago, will kick off her tour on March 7 at the WaMu Theater in Seattle, which is a revelation to me, because I didn’t know bankrupt, failed banks could still own naming rights. So, where does BlackBerry come in? Before the show comes to their city, fans can use the Keep Moving Hub on BlackBerry 10 devices to send pictures to Keys. From there, she and her team will create a special music video for the song “Hallelujah,” which will play while she performs the song in each city. The video will be different for every city, and will be made to be a kind of reflection of what the city and its people have to offer.

Fans can get involved with the music video and the BlackBerry Keep Moving Project here.

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