Bodywell Chip Claims to Reduce Smartphone Radiation

Another day, another anti-radiation chip.

This one is called Bodywell, and it’s a chip you can place on a cell phone. Details on the product website are vague, but supposedly the chip emits several frequencies of its own, which would cancel out the allegedly harmful frequencies which are both inbound and outbound, and are inescapable parts of using a cell phone connected to a wireless network. There doesn’t appear to be a link to the actual studies that were done when testing this chip, but Bodywell says it is “scientifically-proven to reduce SAR.”

This would be a good time to mention that the entire body of research surrounding the dangers of radiation emitted from cell phones is inconclusive at best, and the explosion in the number of cases of brain tumors predicted by some in the past decade has not happened. But, assuming that there is some danger from cell phone radiation, which is entirely possible, it’s worth remembering that chips like these, whether they’re placed on your body or on your cell phone, do not and cannot act as radiation vacuum cleaners. Cell phones emit radio waves in all directions when you are using one. Chips like these might theoretically be able to cancel out some of those waves with its own frequencies, but you’re still going to get the lion’s share. If you’re really worried about the effects of cell phone radiation, the hard truth is that you’re going to have to just stop using mobile phones.

But, if you’re convinced the Bodywell Chip will help you, it’s available on their site now for $30.

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