Sponsored Video: Brace Yourself for Bud Light Platinum

Everyone, stop what you’re doing. Seriously. Buckle up, brace yourself, sit down, do whatever you need to do.Earth-shattering news coming your way.

There’s a new kind of Bud Light. And it comes in a brand new can. I told you to sit down. I hope you sat down. I’ll bet if you didn’t you’re collapsed on the floor right now. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.

Bud Light Platinum is here. What’s that? It’s been here since last year? Well, it hasn’t been here in a can. Until now. Which is important, because things in cans have different tastes than things in bottles. They have that can taste. Better yet, the new Platinum can marks a new era in Bud Light can taste. See, back in the day, you had 12 ounce cans, and those had 12 ounce can taste. And that was fine. But today, we have the tall can. The tall can is usually the domain of things like Red Bull and other drinks that give you lots of energy and maybe heart arrhythmia. That’s a different kind of can taste.

Well, Bud Light’s getting in on that tall can action. But this is no energy drink. It just tastes more like one, because it’s sweeter. It also has more alcohol! Maybe you can imagine you’re drinking a Four Loko, especially if you live in a state that banned Four Loko.

Anyway, if you’ve ever had Bud Light Platinum in a bottle and thought to yourself “Gee, I wish this came in can taste,” your time has come.

This post is sponsored by Bud Light