Case-Mate IMakeMyCase for iPhone 5 Review

Personalize your life. Don’t settle for an iPhone case that isn’t a true representation of your unique personality and superb sense of style. With IMakeMyCase, Case-Mate gives you the power to make your very own personalized high quality iPhone case that’s covered in any design or photograph you can imagine. There’s no limit to the possibilities.

IMakeMyCase gives you three options of cases for iPhone 5, the Barely There classic case, the two piece Tough case, or the military-grade Tough Xtreme case. We went with the Barely There Case, which is a high quality one-piece shells that pops right onto iPhone with a perfect fit and tough protection. Barely There cases have a glossy finish that doesn’t easily scratch or wear. We love this style of case because it’s simple: the top and bottom are fully exposed for complete access to ports and buttons, and there’s one large cutout for the volume buttons and toggle switch.

Using the flash based web app, you can design away for as long as your heart desires. You can choose a background color or just cover your case in photos. There are templates that allow for single images, a “three up”, a photobooth design, or a grid of 8 photos. Of course you can get even more creative using your favorite image editor prior to uploading the photo. You can reposition, resize, and rotate photos. You’ll see exactly how the photos will be placed on the case, so you can plan accordingly for the sides and even the bezel around iPhone’s face.

We love the Barely There case, however the name’s a bit deceiving. It’s on the heavier side of classic iPhone pop-on shells, it’s a bit thicker too. This just means it’s a bit more protective. The glossiness makes for a nice and comfortable grip. We would have preferred that the front bezel exceed iPhone’s face a bit more, but we do enjoy the fact that the custom print extends all the way to this front bezel. Even though you’ll rarely see it, the inside of each case has a rubberized pad that’s covered in a stylish design that reads “I Make My Case”, a fun little Easter Egg.

With Case-Mate’s IMakeMyCase, you really have to give your one-of-a-kind case a lot of thought; it’s about to be the coolest case in existence, because YOU made it! At $40 it’s only slightly pricier than any other protective case, but it has unlimited potential. It makes a great gift, or even a great gag gift if you have an epic photo. Also, we can’t imagine Case-Mate will stop you if you wanted to turn IMakeMyCase into a faux-case for your favorite brand or artist. IMakeMyCase is available for a number of different devices at Case-Mate.com.

The Good: Unlimited potential with design, Great Finish, Custom design covers entirety of visible case, Neat interior
The Bad: Heavier and thicker than you’d imagine for “Barely There”, Not enough protection for iPhone’s face


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  1. That is so true, Case-Mate really has good quality cases and the designs are beautiful, the only thing is the price. It’s a bit expensive for cases. I can also get lovely designs for cheap prices at MiniSuit. By the way, great post Scott 😉

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