CloudRobot is the Rock’em Sock’em Robot of the Future [Video]

In both corners, weighing in at 5 pounds with a height of 16 inches, CloudRobot!! The rock em sock em robot of the future! These *real* boxing robots have shockingly life-like movements and are capable of multi-player highspeed boxing. What kind of futuristic robot would CloudRobot be if it wasn’t wirelessly connected to the internet? Exactly.

While CloudRobot is a reality, it’s missing a manufacturer, distributer and marketer who can bring it to our living room. A group of hungarian developers designed CloudRobot to be extremely scalable. They can take the technology and deliver it in the body of, lets say, Iron Man. Now, how cool would that be?

CloudRobots have 21 degrees of freedom. They have alluminum alloy bodies, rechargeable batteries, electromagnetic feet, and digital servos capable of stable and extremely fast boxing movements. They’re controlled wirelessly with controllers and all of their movements are transposed into a digital recreation, which is located in the cloud. Not only are they recreated in real time, but their actions are recorded and a scoreboard is displayed (check the video). You’ll technically be able to play with users remotely over the internet while the online actions are mirrored by these robotic humanoids.

TTTech, the company behind this brilliant ultra-high-end toy, estimates the cost of producing the robot could be $290 if 10,000 or more units are built, otherwise for an order of 100, the cost could be $800 per CloudRobot. The boxing platform is an additional cost, anywhere from $64 to $750.

The models we saw didn’t have movable feet or exploding heads, but watching their realistic and life-like movements was so distracting and entertaining that it didn’t phase us. If you want to be our hero and bring CloudRobot to the United States, we’d let you win the first few rounds 😉

For more info see tttech.hu


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