Crimson’s Aluminum iPhone 5 Case Review

Looky here! An aircraft-grade aluminum iPhone case that won’t set you back hundreds of dollars. With the Crimson Aluminum Case you can elegantly lock your iPhone 5 in a piece of high-quality machinery that’s super simple, beautifully industrial, and thankfully affordable.

The Crimson Aluminum Case is very simple in design, it’s two nearly identical frames that sandwich your iPhone with the help of four corner bumpers. This unique and simple design gives you full access to all ports and buttons. The casing sinks in and falls flush with iPhone’s sides on the top, bottom, and volume button area; this ensures easy access. It even works with my JBL OnBeat Lightning Dock!

Like the otheraluminum cases we’ve reviewed, the Crimson locks iPhone securely inside. There are 8 hex screws that ensure iPhone’s not going anywhere; there’s 4 on each side that screw into the corner bumpers. iPhone can be inserted from the front or back, but all four screws need to be removed using the included hex key. It’s not the quickest process, but hopefully it won’t be happening very often.

Even though you’re gripping two aluminum frames spaced out by your iPhone, it’s a surprisingly smooth and comfortable to hold. Weighing under 20 grams, its very light. One of our favorite features is that the unique design allows iPhone to stand upright on any side. This is great when you want iPhone to be in your field of vision while you’re typing away on the computer. Granted, you’re also putting iPhone in dangerous territory for toppling, but that’s your choice.

In terms of protection, the Crimson is an interesting device. On one hand, it will keep iPhone alive and kicking and in a solid piece even from decent drops. On the other hand there’s not a ton of coverage so your iPhone’s back and sides can get easily scratched. Luckily Crimson includes a very nice screen protector. The screen protector looks and feels as if it’s not even there; it’ quite nice. Crimson also sells anti-glare, anti-smudge, or sparkle screen protectors.

Even though the Crimson is an aircraft-grade aluminum bumper just like ElementCase and their $200 special edition Black Ops case that we reviewed, they’re drastically different in design and usability. If we had to put it into words, we’d say they’re basically as protective (bumper vs bumper); the Crimson is a little more usable since the buttons and ports are much more open, but the design of the ElementCases are much more accessible when it comes to inserting and removing iPhone. They weigh almost the same but the Crimson looks and feels a bit bigger. While ElementCase has some nicer frills that come along with it, it’s tough to say if its worth the premium in price.

All in all the Crimson is an outstandingly unique iPhone case. It’s very new-age and it’s great for showing off all of iPhone’s best assets. As an actual case it’s comfortable, grippy, and protective–though there’s not much protection from scratches and scuffs other than what the included screen protector provides. The Crimson Aluminum iPhone 5 Case is currently available in matte gray, pink, matte black, red, or silver all for just $44.95.

The Good: Sturdy, Affordable, Nice Colors, Unique Design, Includes screen protector/cleaning cloth/extra screws, Stands up on any side, Easy to access buttons and ports, Light

The Bad: It’s a process to get iPhone in and out, Not much protection from scratches

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