Cygnett Indigo Denim Folio Case Review

The Cygnett Indigo Denim folio case for iPad 2, 3 and 4, is one of the cutest iPad cases we have ever come across  That is because the case is designed to look like a pair of jeans! Specifically, the front cover is designed to look like the front of a traditional pair of jeans with a front pocket, while the back cover is designed with a back denim pocket.

Cygnett has paid careful attention to all of the details here. To that effect, the edges of the case are purposely frayed – just like real denim would be. The back side of the case even sports the traditional leather “designer” jeans tag, as well as a small label at the edge of the back pocket. Of course, here the “designer” is Cygnett themselves. The case is held together with a magnetic button closure, which is also reminiscent in style to a real pair of jeans.

Unfortunately this folio style case does not offer multiple viewing angles for the iPad. However, it does offer ample padding and protection for the iPad. Also, we noticed that some of the blue dye from the denim came off on our hands after a while – just like the dye that sometimes comes off of a new pair blue denim jeans. So you might want to consider throwing this case in the wash before using it the first time. However, it’s worth noting that we tested a pre-release unit, so the dye issue might not be an issue with the final product releases.


Cygnett’s Indigo Denim case for iPad is one of the most clever and fun iPad cases we have ever come across. It might be silly to say it’s stylish too, but heck – it is as stylish as a nice pair of jeans! Cygnett has done a great job of making the case true to a pair of jeans, complete with all the details you could expect. Your iPad never looked this casual. The Cygnett Indigo Denim folio case retails for $59.99

The Good: Adorable and clever design – it looks like a pair of jeans! Features magnetic button closure. One of the most unique iPad cases yet.
The Bad:
No support for multiple viewing angles. Blue dye came off on our hands.

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