Hands-on with Dream Cheeky’s WebMail Notifier

The Dream Cheeky Webmail Notifier is the cutest way to receive email notifications–they’re delivered directly to your desk in the form of an illuminated envelope. There’s different colors for different alerts and even optional sound indicators.

The Dream Cheeky Webmail Notifier is a USB device with a 4 foot cable. The white plastic envelope is about the size of a credit card and at least a few inches deep. You can set up a number of different email accounts from a number of different providers. You can easily set up accounts such as Gmail, Yahoo, Live, Outlook Express, or any POP3 Account. Each email address can be linked to a different color and chime. There’s 9 different colors and you can even set the color effect to range from green to red depending on how many emails you have to read.

The fun thing about the Webmail Notifier is that you can get creative with the email accounts and notification colors and set off a bat signal every time, let’s say, it’s time to pay off a credit card bill. You’ll basically have to set up different email accounts for different purposes and have your main account forward emails by filtering, but it could totally be worth it for different chimes and color notifications!

All-in-all it’s a fun little product that’s most definitely mass produced in Asia. The software is far from the best, but it works. Unfortunately, it’s Windows only. Apparently, there’s a lot of knockoffs, so definitely be weary about where you buy it. The Dream Cheeky Webmail Notifier is only $15 from DreamCheeky. It can be found on Amazon for $9.45.