After 50 Years, Easy Bake Oven Isn’t Just for Girls Anymore

Hasbro is releasing a brand-new Easy Bake Oven to celebrate the legendary toy’s 50th anniversary, and this time, everyone’s invited to the kitchen party.

The new Easy Bake Ultimate Oven is black, blue, and silver, which shouldn’t ostracize anyone besides the people who just don’t like those colors. I don’t know, those seem like safe choices. Instead of using a light bulb for heat, like the original, this one will work similar to a standard oven. If we’re being totally honest, it sort of looks like Hasbro is just making its own toaster oven, and using the Easy Bake brand to sell it, which isn’t a bad idea.

It’s not quite a toaster oven, though. You’ll want to get the mixes that are sold especially for the Easy Bake oven. Fortunately, those mixes cover a pretty wide range of foods – you can make cookies, cakes, pizza, pretzels, and small pies. The Easy Bake Oven also comes with a spatula, a baking tray, and a storage drawer, as well as enough mix to make 12 cookies. Also, this is pretty much an actual oven, so, like always with the Easy Bake, parental supervision is going to be a good idea.

The newly updated toy Hall-of-Famer will go on sale sometime this spring, for about $55. Refill packs for more Easy Bake food will be available for about $7 each.

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