Someone Call the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, We Found His Camera

Granted, the Fresh Prince probably wasn’t much of an anime fan (or hey, maybe he was, I don’t know). Either way, you can just put your finger over the Evangelion logo and pretend it’s not there.

This camera, fresh in its own right, is actually part of a limited edition series based on Neon Genesis Evangelion, an anime series from the ’90s, with three different color schemes representing three of the show’s characters. It’s a Pentax Q10 DSLR, but that purple and green is definitely bringing the ’90s back – for different reasons, depending on who you ask, but it’s bringing back the ’90s either way, and that’s what really matters here.

The camera is also about as rare as that cab the Fresh Prince whistled for – this one is part of a limited edition series of 4,500. That’s split evenly between the colors, though, leaving the fresh prince of cameras with a very limited 1,500 unit run. It also comes with a Bel-Air-worthy price tag of $909.50. Well, all right. Maybe that’s a tad low for Bel-Air. I’m sure Uncle Phil could swing it without batting an eye. Not that he would, of course.

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