Gloria Steinem, Katie Couric, and Allison Williams Come Out For MAKERS Documentary

If there is one documentary you see this year, make it Makers. And if you’re a woman, it should really leave you inspired – and perhaps even shocked. Later this month, PBS, as it usually does, will air this quality program. This time, it might even be a little more compelling than usual, since PBS will be showing MAKERS: Women Who Make America, a three-hour documentary that will focus on some of the most important women and events in the last fifty years that shaped the women’s rights movement, and, in turn, American society.

Rather than simply recounting events, the documentary takes a ground-up approach, attempting to lead the viewer through some of the most critical moments in the last fifty years through the viewpoints of the women who were most involved in them. Those women include Oprah Winfrey, Hillary Clinton, and Gloria Steinem, among many, many others.

The documentary isn’t just reserved for the most famous figures of the women’s movement. The documentary makers rightly realized that the women’s movement was something that shook American society to its core, down to individual households. MAKERS will also tell the stories of everyday women you’ve probably never heard about, and shows why those women are every bit as important as the ones we hear about on the news.

Makers will leave you inspired and proud to be a woman. I know I was after viewing the 1st hour. In this day and age where it is so easy to become complacent, let’s not forget the women trailblazers, who enabled the freedoms and rights we cherish today and take for granted.

This isn’t just a documentary for women though, it is for anyone who is passionate about change and the people who had the guts – no matter the consequences – to do it.

MAKERS will premiere on PBS on February 26, at 8:00 PM.

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