New Grey Poupon Commercial Was Better Than the Oscars

I’m not sure whether that says more about the commercial or about the Oscars, a three-hour plus awards ceremony that millions of us get tricked into watching every year. The Grey Poupon commercial came on near the end of the show, so there’s a good chance that by the time it aired, you were already asleep or watching something way more interesting. Indeed, much of the Twitter world seemed to think it was the best part of the show, perhaps especially because it was not part of the show. The full two minute spot continues from where the old ’80s commercial left off, with the jar of Dijon mustard in question being passed from Rolls Royce to Rolls Royce.

So, I guess the take-home messages here are to not take someone else’s Grey Poupon, and that supermarkets are the next best thing down from heaven. Especially when they have a pyramid stack of Grey Poupon. This has been your reminder that Grey Poupon exists, and that you should go out and buy some if you like Dijon mustard. Don’t forget, it’s made with white wine! Classy.

Grey Poupon

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