Try Taking This Heist Bag Through Security

I have no idea why you would want to make your trip through airport security an even more unpleasant experience, but if you’re into that kind of thing, there’s the Heist series of bags.

The bags, from Thursday Friday, are black with a glossy print of an X-ray making it look like you just committed armed robberies at a bank, a museum, and a Nordstrom. The print is available on two bags – a small cosmetics bag with a D-clip and a cavernous Super Together bag, which is a little like those huge reusable grocery bags you can buy. The outside of these bags are 100 percent cotton canvas, with cotton lining for the Super Together bag and nylon lining for the cosmetics bag.

Eliciting rolled eyes or groans or a frisking from the airport security attendant will cost you $90, for the Super Together bag. With the $35 cosmetics bag, we figure you can probably hide your felonious tendencies a little more easily.

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