Hello Kitty Wants to Become Your HoodieBuddie

The latest in Hello Kitty fashion has arrived, and it is as stylish as it is functional.

Hello Kitty has joined up with HoodieBuddie, the maker of apparel with built-in earphones. They’ve come out with a couple of cut-off style Hello Kitty hooded sweatshirts. They should instantly become go-to exercise material – you don’t have to worry about cords getting snagged on something, plus the hooded sweatshirt is an undeniable exercise staple. Also, Hello Kitty, so you can’t go wrong there. Better yet, the cords are cleverly threaded through the hoodie drawstrings.

Both the pink and grey styles are $38 each. Keep in mind, if you do get one of these sweatshirts, air dry it unless you want a pair of fried earphones.


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