Jenga and Bop It! Get Tetris Editions

The Tetris Company, purveyor of all things Tetris, has entered into an agreement with Hasbro to bring Tetris out of the digital world and into the world of physical play later this year.

Bop It! and Jenga will both have special Tetris-themed editions coming out in August. The Bop It! crossover is a bit of a stretch, and not all that interesting – it’s basically Bop It!, just with Tetrominos as lights. Tetris Jenga, on the other hand, is a match made in heaven, and should put a fun, novel twist on both games. Instead of the standard Jenga blocks, you’ll be using Tetrominos to build up the tower, while figuring out ways to keep it from falling over later.

The Jenga Tetris Edition game will sell for $15 when it hits stores in August. No word yet on how much Bop It! Tetris Edition will retail for.

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