Now You Can Control What Kate Middleton Wears with this Paper Doll Kit

I’m not sure I’m 100 percent sold on the likeness, but if you love British royalty and you love the idea of fashion dress-up time with British royalty, you can go get yourself a Kate Middleton Paper Doll book.

Each book comes with two cut-out dolls with stands and 12 to 14 different dresses. For anyone who hasn’t done the whole paper doll thing before, you cut out outlines of the dresses and the doll, then fold the tabs on the dresses onto the doll. Hopefully the dress looks like it fits, or at least looks like it’s not about to slip off and make the British paparazzi combust.

You can get your very own Duchess of Cambridge off Firebox for $12.59. That’s positively a bargain for royalty.

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