Knit Glove Drink Holder Will Help Us Down a Beer in 0 Degree Weather

Winter got you down? There’s always beer. That usually helps. But it’s freezing, and so is your beer! Hard times.

Well, better times are on the way, thanks to the Knit Glove Drink Holder. Not only to you get the homey, cozy feeling of wearing something that looks like it was made by grandma, you get to keep your beer cold and your hands warm. It’s all upside.

The holder fits bottles, cans, and smaller thermoses, too, so you can tote around pretty much whatever cold beverage you like without freezing your fingers off. You won’t be able to use that one hand for anything but drinking while wearing the holder glove, but I’m not sure that qualifies as a problem.

It could probably make everyone’s life better, but if you’re planning on going to any outdoor festivals or concerts this year, the holder is a must. You can also keep it around for when tailgate season begins anew next year. The Knit Glove Drink Holder is selling at Urban Outfitters for $28.

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