Kopi KBAR Puts a Stylish Twist on Surge Protectors

The surge protector gets on the next level with the Kopi KBAR. The KBAR has three AC outlets, plus two 21 watt 5 volt USB charging ports. It also looks like it’ll solve a maddening problem present with most surge protectors – the spacing between the AC outlets looks like it’ll accommodate most brick charging plugs without having to obstruct an adjacent outlet. It even manages to be a little stylish, which might be wasted on something that is usually shoved as far out of sight as possible. Maybe the sleek black trappings of the Kopi KBAR, along with colored ends and edges, will convince you to proudly display your new surge protector.

I have my doubts.

You can get the KBAR from Kopi’s online store now for about $60.

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