LEGO Booth Tour at Toy Fair 2013 [Photos]

2013 is shaping up to be another amazing year for LEGO. Not only have they updated their signature lines like Duplo, LEGO Creator, LEGO City, LEGO Friends, Ninjago, and Star Wars. But they are also adding new additions to their ever growing plastic brick family. For starters, this year they will be introducing the Legend of Chima. This is a new franchise that combines role playing, competitive play, and new heroic animal characters that must obtain the power of Chi. Playsets are as detailed as ever and will add to a whole new dimension to your LEGO creativity.

Then of-course  there is the licensed playsets that feature Teenage Mutant Ninja turtles. The Minifigs are super detailed and have left  longing for our youth! I mean how many of us couldn’t wait for “Pizza Time” as kids watching the original cartoon?  There will also be LEGO movie-tie in sets for the Lone Ranger, Iron Man 3, Spider-Man,  The Hobbit: The Desolation of the Smaug, and Lord of the Rings.

Last, but not least, Star Wars themed sets are back and better than ever. Princess Leia, for the first time shows up in a bikini clad Minifig chained to Jabba the Hut. There are also new sets embracing the LEGO Star Wars world.

In total, LEGO debuted 250 new building sets at Toy Fair 2013! This photo gallery merely scratches the surface of this year’s line-up, but it also guarantees kids and collectors alike will fall in love with LEGO all over again.

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