Lego X-Wing is the Newest LEGO Star Wars Masterpiece

With LEGO art popping up in museums and galleries all over the world and models like this X-Wing from Star Wars, it’s pretty safe to say we’re in the middle of a LEGO renaissance. These are days that will be read in the history textbooks of the future.

This 20” LEGO model of the X-Wing, which you’ll be able to purchase as a set soon, is a complete overhaul of the previous official LEGO X-Wing. Made by designers from the Star Wars group of the Incom Corporation, this one has a dial on the back that opens up the wings (with all-new more stable scissor construction!) and a cockpit you can open up to stick in your LEGO Luke Skywalker. There are plenty of other details from the movie that have been faithfully added thanks to some rigorous film study, like torpedo tubes, exhaust ports, the laser deflectors at the tips of the wings, and a targeting computer (not that you’ll be using it, of course).

The X-Wing model will have 1,558 pieces and include a display stand, a data sheet label, and – just so you know this is Luke’s X-Wing – an R2-D2 minifigure. Now you need to get started on your living room-sized Death Star model so you can start reenacting your own trench runs. That explosion at the end is going to be a nasty clean-up job, though.

You’ll be able to buy the LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter directly from the LEGO online store in May of this year.

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