Lomography Celebrates 20 Years with the Lomography LC-A+ Camera

Lomography, stalwart makers of analog, film-loaded cameras, is celebrating 20 years of business this year with a limited edition re-release of their original camera, the LC-A+.

The new LC-A+ stays true to the adventurous core principle of lomography – shoot first, and ask questions later. To borrow from Forrest Gump, it’s a bit like a box of chocolates with lomography cameras – you never know what you’re going to get (specifically, sometimes you get the awesome chocolates with the cherries in the middle, sometimes you get the poorly executed peanut brittle). That’s true of all analog cameras, but lomography cameras, including the LC-A+, tend to play around a little more with the images, adding distorted colors and vignettes to give the resulting photos a distinctive look. Look through a few lomography pictures, and you’ll know whether or not you’re a fan.

Those photos are pulled off courtesy of the LC-A+’s Lomo LC-A+ Minitar 1 32/2.8 lens. On the outside, the camera is black, and the front is adorned by electric blue stamped leather in a crocodile skin pattern. Anniversary bonuses include a 20th anniversary metal emblem on the back of the camera, a unique serial number (marking the camera as one of the 1,000 produced), and a certificate of authenticity.

The limited edition 20th anniversary Lomography LC-A+ camera is available now on Lomography’s online store for $349, but do keep in mind that only 1,000 units will be produced and sold.

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