MOCET Communicator Officially Turns Your iPad into a Landline

If you spend a lot of time using Skype or Facetime on your iPad, you might be interested in a more comfortable way of doing that. And, if you’re going to get a stand, you might as well get one that improves on the VoIP experience.

That’s what the MOCET Communicator does. It claims to work with all iPads, and offers both speakerphone and handset functionality. Obviously, speakerphone is pretty much the default with tablets, unless you’re using headphones, but the MOCET Communicator does provide its own set of speakers to turn up the volume. Both the speakers and the handset offer HD sound, and the stand can be used as a charging dock. On the bottom of the stand, there are buttons for toggling between handset and speakers, mute, volume, and home (although the iPad’s home button is not obstructed by the device). There’s a red hotline button on the end, as well.

VoIP calling at the office will probably be a lot more palatable with the MOCET Communicator. You might even be able to ditch landlines! I think there are very few excuses to have landlines now. The MOCET Communicator is available now for about $200.

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