myFC Powertrekk Uses Water, Not Solar, to Charge

Having made a splash at CES, Powertrekk crashed MacWorld this last weekend with and impressive demo of this water/fuel cell technology. Many outdoor excursions, for one reason or another, do not afford the luxury of perfect sun exposure to fuel solar chargers at the extensive required times. That’s where myFC Powertrekk charger picks up the slack, and then some. It is an entirely unique use of water based hydrogen power. At full charge, you can get one complete iPhone charge. It is on-demand energy, not dependent on weather conditions.

How does it work? One fuel cell, they lovingly refer to as a Puck, is required per charge. The cell contains sodium silicide that reacts when water is combined and make hydrogen. Don’t worry if you are thinking Hindenburg in your backpack, this is totally sealed and safe. You can expect one iPhone charge or 4AA batteries worth. It can store on the battery for when you are ready to use it, or you can charge USB devices directly.

It is very lightweight, has a sporty green exterior that could be mistaken for a portable speaker. While not waterproof, it is splash proof. The charger comes in at $229 and the fuel cells are 3 for $10. While this sits only a little higher in price point than a solar charger, the trade off of instant power, not dependent on external factors, is enormously appealing and will provide great peace of mind in the wilderness.


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