Nerf Rebelle Brings Out the Katniss Everdeen in Girls

Hasbro was very busy this year at the American International Toy Fair (not that we would expect anything different). One big release they have in store for this year is the launch of the Nerf Rebelle brand. It’s Nerf for girls.

Obviously, girls don’t need their own Nerf brand. Most girls that want to shoot Nerf darts at things probably don’t have too big of a problem grabbing a Nerf gun and going at it. That said, the name of the game is fun, and if Rebelle gets more girls interested in Nerf wars, so much the better.

The Rebelle line will feature many different weapons and accessories. “Girl colors” (pink and purple) abound, and it’s also pretty safe to say that these ideas were snatched right out of the Hunger Games. Thanks to Katniss bringing the bow back into style, the Rebelle line will have a bow and a crossbow capable of firing multiple darts at once. The Heartreaker Bow can fire darts up to 75 feet, and is way safer to fire than a real bow (girls will basically be pulling back something like a pinball plunger). The bow also comes with five collectible darts, except the idea of collectible darts seems kind of ridiculous considering the fate of most Nerf darts (lost to the void of behind the couch or something).

The Rebelle Crossbow also has a range of 75 feet. Girls can load six darts at once, then choose to fire single shots or all six in rapid succession. Also, six collectible Nerf darts with this one. I am no less perplexed by the idea of collectible darts as time passes. A mini pink version of the crossbow will also be available, sans rapid-fire mode. That one will only come with four darts.

Girl Nerf won’t just include bows. There are the Sneak Attackers – tiny pink and purple blasters – and the Alpha Girl Mission Kit, which features a full-sized blaster with a range of 75 feet, a hip holster, five darts, and Vision Gear eyewear, which is just a pair of branded sunglasses, as far as I can tell.

We can’t forget about the cradle accessory that fits most of these new Rebelle weapons. That cradle will hold an iPhone or iPod Touch (up to the 4th generation). From there, the Mission Central app can be downloaded for free, which opens up single- and multi-player missions and battles. Girls will be able to create and customize their own avatar in the app, and score points by completing missions which can be used to purchase more customization options.

The whole Rebelle line will be hitting stores in fall of this year. It’ll be pretty affordable, too – the most expensive item here will be the Rebelle Crossbow, which will sell for $25.




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