Class, Take Out Your Number 2 Stylus!

Wait a tick, pencils don’t work on tablets, or do they? These do! The No. 2 Stylus is by far the niftiest and most adorable stylus out there for touch screens and tablets. The No. 2 Stylus is ingeniously disguised as the classic number two pencil, and it’s got a couple tricks up its sleeve.

Styluses aren’t for everyone, but it seems that most people eventually go through that curiosity phase where they realize their tablet, smartphone, or touchscreen usage could be greatly enhanced with the finer point of a stylus. We’ve reviewed a number of styluses, most are good, few are great. Styluses aren’t able to get too detailed because touch screens were made to recognize fingers, not small points. With all that said, the No. 2 Stylus gets about as detailed as any other stylus.

Two is the magic number, that’s why you get two No. 2 Styluses per package. These mini stylus pencils are great for pocketing or throwing in a purse or backpack. They’re decently comfortable to hold, but that’s where it really gets cool. The tips on each stylus unscrews and you can screw them together for a pencil-sized stylus. Now that’s a comfortable grip! With a really long stylus you get a lot more control and are therefore able to draw and write with finer details.

With an extremely affordable price of $14.99, the No. 2 Stylus has it all. Unprecedented design, nostalgic beauty, comfort, usability, and a two-for-the-price-of-one packaging. The No. 2 Stylus is also a great entry point into the stylus market since it allows you to try out a shorter and longer stylus. The No. 2 Stylus is currently available from Amazon.com.

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