This Calculator is a Mashup Of Retro Awesomeness

I’m going to be totally honest and say I don’t think that any calculator, from today or the past, has ever actually looked like this. I’m pretty sure this is a classic case of someone just slapping something retro-looking onto a product and selling it. But, I understand that’s a profitable strategy, so more power to them.

This is a calculator that has what appears to be an old tape recorder attached to the top for some reason. Maybe you want the calculator to read the numbers back to you, I don’t know. I’m pretty sure this calculator is just a standard, run-of-the-mill calculator, though. You can store numbers on it and, it can run off solar power, kind of like every calculator ever from the ’90s on.

But, if you love old tape recorders and calculators (both of which are retro products at this point, I guess), you can go pre-order yourself a Retro Calculator on iWOOT for about £9, which comes out to about $13.66.

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