Retro is Actually Useful with this Rotary Phone Lamp and Alarm Clock

At Toy Fair 2013 we were on a mission to find creative products and the I Classic Phone Alarm, by Can You Imagine, is a perfect example. It’s quirky, retro, and practical. The product is disguised as a 1960’s rotary phone, but it’s actually a desk lamp with built in clock and alarm.

The I Classic Phone is convincing enough to fool most people, it really looks like the classic rotary phone. There’s one big tip off, the phone handpiece is suspended in mid-air. The “cord” is actually a flexible arm that allows you to adjust the angle of the LED lamp. There are three levels of brightness, the brightest would be ideal for reading while the lower levels are great as a mood or night light. The LEDs apparently never need to be replaced.

The rotary phone dial is replaced by a quartz movement clock. It functions as an alarm clock and there’s a built-in snooze feature. The alarm is supposed to sound like a real rotary phone.

The I Classic Phone uses 4 C batteries. Considering LED’s are efficient on power and the clocks aren’t too power hungry, we imagine the batteries should last a long time. The phone has a plastic housing and is available in white or black. Can You Imagine’s I Classic Phone is currently available from Amazon for $27.46. It’s a ripe price for a great nightstand accessory or even as a gift.

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