Staples’ Better Binder is Smarter Than the Trapper Keeper

Proving that nothing is above improvement, Staples has just provided us with the most important innovation in binder technology since probably the invention of the binder.

The aptly named Better Binder steps binding up to the next level of organization. Instead of being able to just take paper out and put it back in using the rings, you can now actually remove the binder rings from the binder completely. You can pop off the whole bar, which conveniently fits like a glove with most file cabinets. You can buy extra binder rings and snap in a fresh one once the first one is full and ready to go into storage. You’ll be so well organized, you might even be inspired to actually check out those old files and school notes you store away. Maybe.

The kicker is that the Better Binders (there are full-sized and mini binders available) are all guaranteed for life, which is a pretty incredible claim, because I remember those things falling apart quickly enough to make me regret putting awesome stickers on them. The Better Binders are at Staples now. There are mini binders and regular-sized binders in widths of 1”, 1.5”, 2”, and 3”. Prices range from $7.50 to  $15. Those Better Binders are only extra-strength, though – if you want a Better Binder with removable rings, those only come in regular-sized 1” binders right now. Those cost $13 each, with extra removable file rings coming in at $5 per bar.

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