Star Wars LEGO Organ at Toy Fair 2013 Has Us Weeping Bricks

Each year Toy Fair tickles us with its booth after booth of innovative new toys. However, there is always something even more mind blowing that can be found lurking in the hallways of the Javits Center. And this year, this LEGO Organ was it! And while LEGO never ceases to amaze us with their awesomeness, this latest installation takes LEGO mastery to a whole new level.  LEGO is celebrating an all new Star Wars adventure: The Yoda Chronicles and what a perfect way of bringing that news to the masses than with a magnificent piece of LEGO artistry.  Instead of creating a ho-hum LEGO statue of a Star Wars character, LEGO has made their own version of an antique phonograph – complete with wind-up crank. This LEGO Star Wars Organ took 100 hours to build and it contains almost 20,000 LEGO bricks, and weighs 800 pounds!

The rotating LEGO cylinder showcases key characters in the LEGO Star Wars universe and when you wind it up – it also plays the LEGO Star Wars theme song. As you wind the organ, there are perfectly aligned metal arms that hit keys on a piano organ as the LEGO bricks go around in a rotation.  Depending on how fast or slow you wind the crank, the theme song will either play slower,or faster. Check out the video above of the LEGO Star Wars Organ in action.


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