2013’s Geekiest Super Bowl XLVII Commercials: Best Buy, BlackBerry, and More

Super Bowl XLVII is over and in the end the Ravens were able to hold their own against the 49ers. The final score was Ravens 34 and 49ers 31; cementing the Ravens as the leading football team of 2013. And now that the game is over, we can all revel in the commercials that aired. Here are the top techiest Super Bowl commercials this year.

Best Buy – Amy Poehler and the Blue Shirt Expert


We have all been in Amy Pohler’s shoes at one time or another – feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the gadget choices in the store. Besides, Amy says exactly what we all wish we had the nerve to say. I mean haven’t we all wanted to know “where is the cloud?!”

KIA – Space Babies


Where do babies come from? Well Kia is hoping to answer your question in a very whimsical and fun way. But if you look past the Pandas, Monkeys and spaceships you may just find that Kia’s definition of where babies come from is pretty much the same as what your teacher taught you in health class.

BlackBerry – What it Can’t do in 30 Seconds


Of course it is quicker to show what the BlackBerry Z10 can’t do in 30 seconds, because it would take a lot longer then that to really digest the new OS. That said, if BlackBerry 10 could make rubber duckies rain – I think we would like it even more. Geek Trivia: The Actor in the commercial starred in a few episodes of Veronica Mars during its final season.

GoDaddy –  The Kiss (Unrated)


I hope Bar Refaeli got paid a whole lot of money to kiss this guy, because she earned it. This poor girl went from Leo to zero in this 30 second spot, and we couldn’t be more nauseated. Yet, for some reason we couldn’t look away either. The unrated version has the ‘nerd’ slipping tongue to Bar and showed the boy actually had some skill…Bar on the other hand will probably want to stick her tongue in the dead sea after this.

 Samsung – The Next Big Thing


Samsung is looking for someone to pitch the “Next Big Thing,” and who better to use than Seth Rogen and Paul Rudd. However, with LeBron James making a cameo – both guys should probably go prep for the next Apatow film.

KIA – Respect the Tech


This commercial showcases the new 2014 Kia Forte. And for anyone who has ever been annoyed with the booth babes at car shows, well, we actually like these two.

BONUS: M&M’S – Red is Delicious


We loved the M&M’s commercial from last year’s Super Bowl, so how do you top Vanessa Williams and LMFAO? Well, throw in a Meatloaf ballad, Santana from Glee, and one red all over M&M.

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