AnyMode Jelly Bumper for iPhone 5 Review

The AnyMode Jelly Bumper for iPhone 5 has an identify crisis, but we love it! From the front and sides, the case attractively disguises iPhone as some sort of new-aged square cellphone, but on the back the Jelly Bumper proudly shows off iPhone’s apple and most of the rear faceplate. Is this AnyModes way of predicting the appearance of iPhone 6?

The AnyMode Jelly Bumper is a very unique case. It shows considerably more iPhone skin than your run-of-the-mill case, but it’s substantially more protective than a simple bumper case. While the bulk of the back faceplate is exposed, the Jelly Bumper only exposes iPhone’s slate or silver color, while the camera cutout only slightly exposes iPhone’s black or white color. This was a nice touch.

The Jelly Bumper reminds us of the Tylt SQRD case, but it’s actually even more squared off. We’re big fans of the squared hard corner look, though some may be impartial to it. The dense square corners offer a lot more protection than other cases, and there’s a thin bezel that runs around iPhone’s face that adds good front protection. Of course, the large rear cutout is a good target for scratches and gathering dust and dirt.

The Jelly Bumper has button overlays for the lock and volume buttons which have a nifty lok and are easy to press. There’s a cutout for the vibrate toggle and a nice large cutout for the ports and speakers on the bottom of iPhone.

We almost published this post without realizing the Jelly Bumper’s full potential. The rear window can be used to turn any card or picture into your case! We slipped a Chip Chick card behind the case and BAM! Custom Chip Chick case.

The AnyMode Jelly bumper is a really distinguished looking iPhone case. It’s probably the only case that can disguise iPhone as a different device while also proudly flaunting a nice chunk of its Appleness. At the same time, it’s one of the few cases that allows you to customize iPhone so easily. It’s currently available in black, blueblack, mint, green, skyblue, red, pink, and white. It’s a little tricky to find online, but CreativePeter.com sells all of the colors for $15.19 (plus shipping), a pretty good price.

The Good: Unique Design, Colors, Good Button Overlays, Nice protection, Back window can be used to feature any image/background
The Bad: Case pulls from sides, Not available on Amazon

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