Tokidoki Debuts Phonezies, 12 Collectible iPhone Characters

I’m not sure if the trend has reached the West or not, but in a few countries in Asia, sticking things that aren’t headphones in the 3.5 mm port is getting really popular. Usually, those things are tiny charms that fit into those 3.5 mm ports when they aren’t in use.

Tokidoki is now doing their best to spread that trend, by introducing 12 new characters called Phonezies. Each one is very tiny – .75” – and fits snugly into 3.5 mm ports. They’re being marketed as collectibles, but grabbing all 12 won’t exactly break the bank – each one will be sold for about $3.95. If you’re a fan of the brand, it looks like most of your favorites will be included in the set, which will be sold online and at the Tokidoki store in Los Angeles.

So, for those few times in your life when you’re using your mobile device and don’t have headphones attached to them, you can rest assured knowing that your headphone port won’t be lonely. Who knows, maybe these guys will be cute enough for you to carve out some face time just for them. Maybe.

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