TYLT Two-in-One Bumpr Case for iPhone 5 Review

Do you buy a case for iPhone that’s sleek and practical, or do you buy one that’s rugged with above-average protection? With the Tylt Bumpr you get both options! It’s a thing of beauty really.

The Tylt Bumpr is two cases in one. There’s a one-piece snap-on case that’s very durable and rugged with a relatively sleek body. To make iPhone 5 much more accident-proof you can add a rubber bumper around the case, providing superior protection. The best part is that it comes with two rubber bumpers so you can play around with different colors depending on your mood.

The actual Bumpr (inner) case is kind of like Speck’s CandyShell case. The one-piece form-fitting case features a soft rubberized interior fused to a hard outer shell. The rubber interior, bezel, and accents are colored while the hard back is rugged black. The contrast is quite attractive. The bezel exceeds iPhone’s face by a couple millimeters adding some nice screen protection. There’s large cutouts for all ports and buttons. This main part of the Bumpr case is more than capable and protective enough to use as-is every day.

When it’s time to add superior protection to your iPhone 5, you simply pop on one of the two rubberized bumpers around the case. This rubberized outer shell definitely adds some thickness, but barely any weight. Nicely enough, it also adds button overlays so that the lock and volume buttons are easy to press.

If you’re looking for the most protective and rugged case, the Bumpr is it. If you’re looking for a sleek every day case with a decent amount of protection and pizazz, the Bumpr is also it. Tylt’s Bumpr case for iPhone 5 is available for preorder with a February 1st delivery date. Like a lot of the other Tylt products, it’s available in vibrant colors. Each Bumpr comes with a colored bumper and a black bumper. At $29.99 it’s a great deal.

The Good: Two cases in one, Durable, Protective, Includes two bumpers, Practical, Colors, Good Price
The Bad: Not yet available, Rubber bezel on top of charging port isn’t reinforced–will be the first feature to break or wear badly

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