VEABuddy Bluetooth Watch Strives To Be the Next Pebble

Yet another smartphone companion watch is in the works – this one from VEA Digital and Caiman Design, two French start-ups.

So, what’s special about this one? One nice thing is that it’s device agnostic – as long as your smartphone or tablet is Bluetooth-enabled (can you even find one that isn’t?), you should be able to use it with the VEABuddy, be it Android, iOS, Windows, or BlackBerry. The watch will pull information from your smartphone through the Bluetooth connection, and allow you to browse it on the phone. You’ll be able to check your email, Twitter, and Facebook, check call logs, receive and send calls, and send texts.

It’s questionable whether or not doing those things is desirable on a 2” screen, but the VEABuddy does have some bona fide handy functionality. You can control the music player on your smartphone using the watch, which would definitely be more convenient than fishing your phone out of your pocket. Better yet, you can throw GPS information and turn-by-turn directions to the watch, which would be very, very useful if you’re traveling to a new place on foot.

The watch itself is 8 mm thick, with a 2” capacitive touchscreen and 8 GB of internal memory. That 2” screen also has very high contrast, so you’ll be able to see it clearly even in bright sunlight. The battery on the watch should last about 10 days with normal usage, and can be charged again via USB.

VEA Buddy will initially only be available in black, white, and red. It’s currently in the funding phase on Indiegogo. The $99 watches are all gone, but you can still secure one for $150, assuming the project meets its funding goal. If the VEABuddy gets funded, the watch will cost $250 normally.

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