Kingston MobileLite Wireless Review

Here’s a sneak peak of a product we should hopefully be seeing soon from Kingston. This lifesaver of a product allows you to transfer or access any USB or memory card files directly to your iPhone, iOS, or Android device. With the Kingston WiDrive Plus you can scrap the computer as an inconvenient middle-man. Not only can you wirelessly transfer any types of files and media to your iOS or Android device, the WiDrive Plus MobileLite Wireless doubles as a battery pack for any USB device.

Since Kingston’s MobileLite Wireless is just a beta product, we can’t guarantee that it will become a reality, though we’d say it’s likely. The WiDrive Plus would be the successor to Kingston’s WiDrive, which we reviewed about a year ago. The Plus is a similar concept and even uses the same iOS and Android app. The WiDrive was basically a wireless flash drive, where the MobileLite Wireless adds wireless to any drive or memory card. The MobileLite Wireless doesn’t have any built-in storage but it does have a rechargeable battery that’s capable of charging your phone, tablet, or USB device.

The MobileLite Wireless is sized about the size of an iPhone 5, it’s a bit narrower, a bit chunkier, and a bit lighter. Interestingly, it actually sports a design like the original iPhone. It has a large silver aluminum panel with a sliver of black plastic on the front. There’s a port for an SD card and a port for a MicroSD card. There’s a USB port for charging any of your USB devices or for hooking up a flash drive or portable hard drive. Lastly, there’s a micro-USB port for charging the MobileLite Wireless. There’s also some LED status lights and a power button.

The MobileLite Wireless can share content wirelessly to three devices at once. Using Micro-SD, SD, and USB, you can technically share three different storage devices at once. As of now, MobileLite Wireless connects to your iPhone via WiFi, not Bluetooth. You get a faster connection over WiFi with a little more flexibility, but you’ll also have to set up your home network through MobileLite Wireless otherwise you’ll have no internet on your device while you use it. The MobileLite Wireless app is very simple, you can browse any of the connected devices by folder, or by media type (pictures, videos, and music). There’s no frills like sorting options or image previews, but that’s okay for now. You can save anything from the MobileLite Wireless to your phone, and even vice versa. On iOS you can only upload files to a drive that you’ve previously offlined or photos from your library. Neatly, you can even perform functions like transferring the contents of a memory card straight to a USB drive.

So far, the MobileLite Wireless works near perfectly, especially for a beta product. It serves as a very handy device for someone who’s always on the go. It also provides a nice sized portable battery with about a full iPhone charge, and it’s also the only way I have to easily transfer images from my digital camera to my iPhone and iPod. It’s even able to stream HD video from a USB drive a lot quicker than streaming it from the web over WiFi. There’s no word yet on release or price, but we imagine it will be this year. Check back for any updates.

Update 4/29: Kingston has finally released this product, they have also renamed it the MobileLite Wireless.


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