How Do You Kill a Balloon Warrior? With a Pin

Why should clowns have all the balloon-shaping fun? Do your best to put the red-noses out of business by making your own balloon shapes. Or if you feel the need to look like a complete schmuck. 

You can outfit yourself for feats of valor with the Balloon Warrior set. It’s full of a bunch of those really long balloons, with folding instructions on each one that will guide you through making a sword, shield, and helmet. Well, I guess the sword doesn’t really need any folding if you’re lazy, but if you insist on having a hilt, you can do that, too. I don’t know why making a sword and shield balloon contraption was a better idea than lets say, making some ballon animals.  Doesn’t anyone want to learn how to make a pink balloon puppy anymore?

The whole set costs £10, or about $15, and includes 15 balloons and a mini pump. That’s cheap enough to where you can get a bunch of people to buy in to create your tournament of backyard champions. Just watch out for the would-be gladiator who tapes a pushpin to his sword, because you know someone is going to.

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