Blue-Wi’s Nighthawk Microphone Combo System Review

Blue-Wi’s Nighthawk Microphone Combo System is a pretty unusual do-it-all Bluetooth device. The device consists of a clip-on bluetooth microphone, a removable earbud, and an amplifier / speaker. With the amplifier, the device works as a hands-free car kit. With the earbud it also works as a wireless headset. Plus, it works as a wireless microphone for two-way radio. Last but not least, the Blue-Wi Nighthawk Microphone Combo System works as a wireless audio recorder accessory for the iPhone.

In the box you get the clip-on mic, a single earbud, an external speaker attachment, a USB cable and a wall charger. And when it comes to working as a hands-free kit for the car, the system works pretty well. Similarly, as a hands-free wireless kit for calls, the device works well too. Callers heard us well and we heard them pretty clearly too.

But the feature that excited us most about the Blue-Wi Nighthawk Microphone Combo System is its ability to wireless record audio to a paired iPhone when using the company’s Wireless Recording app. So we have been dreaming of an affordable bluetooth wireless mic for the iPhone and we were hoping this could be it. After all, the iPhone 5 records pretty good video on the fly, but in noisy environments, the iPhone’s audio gets washed out – especially during interviews. In any case, the Wireless Recording app lets you use the Blue-Wi mic to record audio wirelessly to your iPhone. The app offers the option to record audio alone or to record video with it. And after testing out the Microphone Combo System system, this feature indeed works. To that effect, it’s able to isolate audio from someone wearing the attachment, even in a noisy environment. Unfortunately, the audio quality of the recordings are far from stellar, and the audio that gets recorded is tinny and sounds like the person is on some sort of a bad phone connection.


This versatile device does a good job of working as a hands-free car kit, as well as a wireless handset. It should also appeal to those in law enforcement and anyone looking for push to talk functionality. That said, while the Blue-Wi Nighthawk Microphone Combo System does it all, we wish that its wireless recording function to iPhone offered better audio quality.

The Good: A jack of all trades bluetooth mic device, Works as a hands-free car kit, decent battery life, offers push to talk functionality

The Bad: Uninspiring design, charges via MiniUSB – not MicroUSB, wireless audio recording on iPhone sounds robotic

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